Success Stories

We are a movement of people from different walks of life. There is no us or them, no beneficiary or benefactor. Each of us is both.

Kiran gave her family a bright future

Kiran is a 35 years old single mother and belongs to a very poor family. She got married at the age 18.

Subita no longer struggles to give her family support

Subita is a resident of village Narodara (Lachhmangarh in Rajasthan).

Employment means everything for Mohd. Sakir

Mohammad Saki had to drop out of school after the 10th class due to his father’s sudden demise.

Preeti improved her financial situation

Preeti could not continue in school after Grade X due to the economic condition of her family.

Subhash found job in the government sector

Subhash succeeded in his attempt in government recruitment examinations.

From a bus driver to a skilled mechanic

Jitendra was a bus driver and joined the Diesel Mechanic course.

Maina started her own beauty parlour

Maina joined the PVTRI Beautician course and has now started her own beauty parlour at Churu.

Phool Chand supplies solar panels

Phool Chand completed the diploma course in electrical engineering.

Anuj is ‘Rajasthan Idol’

Anuj is a trained singer. He has participated in various state level music and singing competitions and won many awards.

Laxmi is a skilled tailor

Laxmi successfully completed her training in Tailoring (stitching) trade from PVTRI and started tailoring at home.

Vikas provides digital and online services

After completing his graduation, Vikas desired to learn about computers.

Jameer is a professional singer

Jameer learned basic singing at PVTRI and further polished his singing skills.

Budha Ram is a skilled electrician

Budha Ram completed his training in Electronics Mechanic trade at PITC.

Pankaj is a certified Diesel mechanic

Pankaj completed training in the Diesel Mechanic trade at PITC.

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