Vocational Training & Research Institute

We provide short term vocational training in diverse areas to skill the poor, deprived and
unskilled. We envision the learned skills and associated personal development will enable
our trainees to sustain their livelihood with self esteem.

Our Area of Operations & Context

Our area of operations is in Sikar District, Rajasthan, India. The people of Sikar District are in the midst of a search for transformation with a younger generation aspiring to improve their economic situation and searching for new ways to do so.

Family-household based enterprises and incomes from agriculture, animal husbandry, and trade have for some time been insufficient to sustain daily needs for much of the local populace, leave aside new aspirations.

Challenges before the Youth

The youth in the community face various problems

High levels of

Inadequate opportunities for vocational education

Insecurity of income
and low earnings

High aspirations for employment in government jobs and local trades

Changes in the role of the family as a vehicle for shared responsibility

Lack of opportunity for youth to contribute in society

What our Training Courses offer

We currently provide/have provided vocational training in Tailoring, Beautician, Music, Electric repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment, refrigerators and air conditioners, and other home appliances.

Our courses are designed to provide training in a very short period so that the members of marginalised communities who access them can generate income with minimum investment.

Our training programmes offer the following advantages:

  • They are designed as per norms of GTZ
  • Trained trainers
  • Use of audio visual equipment for training
  • On the job training
  • Post training support system to help our students with employment opportunities, including self- employment through campus placement, recruitment fair, loan fair, etc.

Awareness Programs

We conduct special discussions and Q&A sessions for our trainees in areas of social concern. We undertake campaigns, using various formats, in schools and the local community regarding possibilities of and potential opportunities of vocational training. We find that there is still little awareness regarding this

Sports & Cultural Activities

We organise competitions in various sports and in debates, essay writing, singing, dancing, rangoli making, mehandi, and painting as a platform for the youth of the surrounding areas to increase their confidence, present themselves in public fora and enhance their talents

Impact of our Programme

To us, empowerment means a lot more than just livelihood. It’s a way of living.
And toward that holistic empowerment, we move in ripples.

Student trainee registered for courses
Students successfully trained
Women alumni got employment
Alumni got employment in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Muscat, Nepal, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE

Activities from the Field

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