Our Founder Chairperson

Under the vision of our founders, we are committed to enabling
many youth to live a dignified life.

Shri Gajanand Palriwala

Palriwala Educational Research & Training Society (PERTS) was founded by the late Shri Gajanand Palriwala, a great visionary and philanthropist, firm and fearless in his conviction. He was motivated by his faith in God and a determination to serve the poor, underprivileged, and needy sections of society for which he worked relentlessly and with dedication.

Born on 22 April, 1926, in Lachhmangarh, he joined his family business at the age of 17. By sheer hard work, he developed his business acumen and knowledge and successfully managed a number of companies, some of which had their reach to countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK, and the USA.

Under his guidance, will, and vision, PERTS established two institutes in Lachhmangarh, first the Palriwala Vocational Training and Research Institute and then the Industrial Training Institute (PITC). He remained Chairman of the Society till his demise in 2014. His work and the social welfare schemes supported under his Chairmanship have earned PERTS recognition, esteem, and respect.

Though his activities in educational philanthropy were long standing, Shri Gajanand Palriwala spent the last two decades of his life in trying to make his own and his elder brother’s vision into a reality by setting up the Seth Madanlall Palriwala Foundation (SMPF) for this purpose.

Shri Gourishankar Palriwala

Late Shri Gourishankar Palriwala, the elder brother of Shri Gajanand Palriwala, was a symbol of courage and will power, a visionary and a philantrophist.

At a very young age, he fell ill with polio that left him differently abled. This did not hold him back, not least through the support he received from his younger brother, Gajanand Palriwala. After completing his college education, he entered the family business, later travelled to the USA, and there took the family enterprise to new heights. He strongly believed that their financial success must be returned to society, through activities to enable the welfare and development of the poor and the underprivileged. Hence, he ploughed most of the earnings and profit into charitable foundations tasked to do so. However, his health did not allow him to pursue his vision, which Shri Gajanand Palriwala took forward.

Most of the financial support to the Palriwala Educational Research and Training Society (PERTS) is provided by the Palriwala India Foundation (PIF), set up by him, and by the Seth Madanlall Palriwala Foundation (SMPF), named after their father.

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