Singing and Music

Course Duration: 6 months
Course Fees: Rs. 2,250/-
Course Eligibility: Anyone who is interested, irrespective of his/her age and educational qualification

Our music course teaches both instrumental music and singing. The classes are held in the evening. A trainee may focus on singing or learn to play instrumental music of his/her interest from among the harmonium, tabla, guitar, flute, electronic key/plate board, piano, and dholak, with basic singing. The training is in North Indian classical, semi-classical, Rajasthani folk, bhajan, ghazal and popular film songs.

Course Features

Theory and practical

Multiple instrument sessions

Instrumental music and singing sessions

Course Features

Theory and practical

In-house, on-the-job

Internship at local beauty

Next Steps

After completing basic training in 6 months, trainees can again take admission for higher and advanced learning.

How to Apply

Our programme runs in batch systems as per schedule with 12 seats per batch. Aspirants may register in the months of March, September and May. However, this is one training in which as a special case, an aspirant may register at other times too. Aspirants may register directly at the institute in accordance with the procedure given on this site.

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