About Course

  • carryout Installation
  • maintenance & repair works of Electrical AC, DC, machinery
  • lighting circuits
  • domestic appliances and equipments used in domestic an industries
  • read and interpret the blue print reading ( Electrical layout Drawing as per BIS specification & standards)
  • carry out Domestic and Industrial wiring/li>
  • Earthing System
  • test electrical wiring installation
  • locate and rectify the faults by using megger and Earth tester
  • Make and solder the wire joints
  • wires on PCB and soldering technique
  • Use of electrical instrument(analog/digital) like voltmeter
  • Ammeter, Wattmeter,Energy Meter
  • Wheatstone bridge, oscilloscope
  • Earth tester, Tong tester, etc.


Two Year



Govt. Sector

  • All state Electricity Boards & Departments
  • Public sector
  • MNC Private & Govt. Industries
  • Hospital Electric Dept

Private Sector

  • Wiring Contractors Huge job opportunities in power generations
  • Transmissions & distribution stations
  • Self Employment-electrical repair & service centre/Electrical equipment shop etc