• Placement record of the trainee during last five years. (Year wise)
NameTradeOrganization NameJoining Salary
Arjun KumarMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
AshokMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Babu LalElectricianTata Motors7200/
Deepak SainiMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Dharmendra FageriaMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
DineshMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Gajendra sainiElectricianTata Motors7200/
HamentMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
IndrajElectricianTata Motors7200/
Jagdish JethuMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Jayaprakash ThoryMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
KAILASHMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Lokesh NainMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
MahipalElectricianTata Motors7200/
ManojElectricianTata Motors7200/
Mukesh KumarMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Om PrakashMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
PharaladElectricianTata Motors7200/
Predeep SainiElectricianTata Motors7200/
RajendraMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Rajesh KumarMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
RamchandraMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
RamswarupElectricianTata Motors7200/
ShreekantElectricianTata Motors7200/
SitaramMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Subhash ThaloreElectricianTata Motors7200/
Sunil KumarElectricianTata Motors7200/
Sunil KumarElectricianTata Motors7200/
Surendra kumarMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Suresh KumarElectricianTata Motors7200/
Suresh KumarElectricianTata Motors7200/
Umesh KhiyaliaElectricianTata Motors7200/
Vijendra KumarMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Vikash KumarElectricianTata Motors7200/
Vikash MahlaMech. DieselTata Motors7200/
Babu LalElectricianTata Motors7200/
Rajendra SinghElectricianHERO MOTO CORP13100
Jayprakash ThoriMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Sunil KumarElectricianHERO MOTO CORP13100
Sanjay KumarElectricianHERO MOTO CORP13100
Rahul BagariaMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Mukesh KumarMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Rajkaran SinghMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Vishnu SainiMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Yogesh SainiMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Vijay ChoudharyElectricianHERO MOTO CORP13100
Mukesh KumarMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Girish KumawatMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Mukesh KumarMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Ajay KumawatMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Indraaj ElectricianHERO MOTO CORP13100
Vikas SainiMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Vikash Kumar YogiMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100
Rajendra KumarMech. DieselHERO MOTO CORP13100